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Price range 2022: Telecom operators spend Rs. 35,000-crore enter tax credit score is being refunded

Price range 2022: Telecom operators spend Rs.  35,000-crore enter tax credit score is being refunded

Price range 2022 shall be introduced on February 1, 2022

New Delhi:

Within the imminent finances, the federal government will spend about Rs. Telecom operators are tough a reimbursement of Rs 35,000 crore enter tax credit score (ITC), aid of levies and exemption of GST on license charges and spectrum utilization.

The telecom trade frame, which contains Vodafone Concept, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, is looking for the federal government to droop the Common Provider Legal responsibility Fund (USOF), which financially helps the release of telecom services and products in rural spaces, consistent with COAI’s pre-budget suggestions. To cut back the load on area and repair suppliers.

“Refund the industry’s Rs 35,000 crore of unused ITC, which will not be used in the near future. Current market dynamics have led to the accumulation of huge ITCs.

“Credit score shall be additional enhanced with vital vital capital expenditure to additional beef up the client enjoy and succeed in the imaginative and prescient of Virtual India,” COAI said.

Currently, the license fee paid by telecom operators is calculated as 8% of the revenue earned from telecom services, known as technically adjusted gross revenue (AGR).

As part of telecom reforms, the government abolished spectrum usage charges (SUCs) on radio waves to be purchased at future auctions and removed several revenue heads that were part of the AGR.

“We are grateful to the government for the recent forthcoming structural and policy reforms that we believe will not only bring stability and sustainability to the sector but also facilitate the digital needs of citizens.

The telecom industry needs to invest in strong and reliable communication infrastructure to meet the growing demand for connectivity. COAI Director General SP Kochhar said there was an urgent need to reduce the burden of levies on the sector.

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has asked the government to reduce license fees from 3 per cent to 1 per cent and to reduce the SUC rate on spectrum acquired in the last auction by 3 per cent.

“The present license charge is 8 in line with cent of the AGR, which incorporates a 5 in line with cent levy for the USO fund. The COAI mentioned.

In step with the trade frame, 85 in line with cent of telecom apparatus within the nation is imported and 20 in line with cent fundamental customs accountability (BCD) is levied on them.

“Higher customs duty on telecom equipment is hampering the cost impact for telecommunication companies. Telecom equipment should be exempted from BCD.

“Till just right high quality apparatus is to be had in India at reasonably priced costs, customs tasks on 4G / 5G similar community merchandise in conjunction with different similar merchandise must be decreased to 0,” COAI mentioned.


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